What’s in the glass tonight Jan 25th

Tohu Gisborne Chardonnay 2012

Tohu Gisborne Chardonnay 2012 – $

I took notice of a really good pinot noir from this producer early last year. This year’s version is out in the shops, and I’ll review it eventually, but in the meantime here is their well-priced Gisborne Chardonnay to try…

And it’s not too much chop, to be fair. White gold. 13.5% and leggy. In the glass there is a pleasant open floral aroma of peaches and apples, but in the mouth the wine is too soft, with ripe fruit, and buttery-ness. More citrus bite is needed I reckon.

The wine tastes too ‘even’. I’d like it more if there were a few bumps along the way, to keep it interesting, if you get my analogy. There is a slightly bitter aftertaste, but that kind of interest I don’t want. The nose lifts this wine to a 2.75.

Good label, FTIW…


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