What’s in the glass tonight Dec 15th

Montana HB Chardonnay 2012

Montana Hawkes Bay Chardonny 2012 – $

This is the wine L and I drank last night at the stadium while watching the Wellington Phoenix go down 2-1 to the Brisbane Roar in the A-League competition.

It is perfect stadium fare. Cheap (tho not in the stadium, by 187ml volume). Available by the decalitre. Approachable. A mass market drop. The RRP is around $2P, but I expect is usually bought by consumers when discounted to $P.

The Hawkes Bay appellation clearly speaks more of blend than terroir, when volume demands a uniformity of style over an expression of place or vintage.

Today, in glass, rather than stadium PET, it smells fresh. Straw colour.  Light in the mouth. Mostly citrus notes, a bit of creaminess. Not too much going on past that. If it were a soccer score, maybe 1-1? The tough 2012 vintage maybe pulled back the ripeness levels, which lessened palate weight, and promoted minerality.

A style of chardonnay for the sauvignon blanc market. Good value if you are at the end of the pay month, and there is a bit of afternoon sun about. 2.75


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