Bordeaux En Primeur 2010


I know very little about Bordeaux wines. Mathematicians would define that as non-zero.

Back in 2011 I knew even less (except that some wines labelled “1er” are quite posh, and are far too pricey to do anything stupid like actually drink them). But one night in 2011 while drunk-in-charge of a computer I bought a couple of bottles en primeur from Glengarry’s.

You know the en primeur system? Certain French wineries sell their wines in advance of their bottling, as futures, to various negociants, who onsell via local importers to punters like me around the world, with the promise that I’ll get those wines at a later date if there are any left over after they try and drink them all.

Like I said, I ordered two bottles, and then forgot all about it.

Last year an invoice for the first tranche deposit appeared in my Inbox. It wasn’t a particularly big number, but it gave me pause. The wines weren’t from terribly famous growths or anything like that, so luckily I didn’t have to extend the mortgage. I was too embarrassed to call the wine store and admit I was a numpty and cancel the order, so I paid the bill. And forgot all about it again.

Then, earlier this year, another email appeared saying my bottles had arrived, and for a small final payment they could be mine. Crikey, I thought , better get on to that. But I forgot all about it yet again.

I finally remembered about those damn mythic bottles, and went and collected them last Friday.

They turned out to be quite real.

I bought:

1 x Chateau Sarget De Gruard Larose 2010 – $$$ – Château Gruaud-Larose is a winery in the Saint-Julien appellation of the Bordeaux region of France. The wine produced here was classified as one of fifteen Deuxièmes Crus (Second Growths) in the original Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855. The wine I bought is its second label. BBR review: What a superb, delicious, decadent treat this is! It is really generous with ripe, plump, sweet blackberries and a fabulous creamy texture that is like silk. It’s obviously not quite as great as Gruaud itself but shows the essence of the Grand Vin and is a real treat. Wine-Searcher Tasting note: This is a very tannic, full bodied Sarget displaying a lot of weight and depth for a 2nd wine. This wine is typical of the 2010 vintage in its expression of vibrant fresh fruit. Violets, cedar, sweet ripe blackberries. A lively style but with enough tannins and weight to age for at least a decade or more.

1 x Chateau Siaurac 2010 –$$ – Not a numbered growth I think this. Siaurac is the largest property of the producer. Located in the appellation Lalande de Pomerol with 46 hectares of vineyards planted on clay located in the extension of the Pomerol plateau. The proprietor sez “Our wines are not technical, powerful and crafted wines in the cellar; they are the expression of the exceptional quality of our soil, and meticulous work on our vines. No rule is our rule: each year, climate controls our work.

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate: A sleeper of the vintage, this is the best wine I have ever tasted from this property. A dense purple colour is followed by abundant meaty, black currant, black cherry, liquorice, underbrush, and forest floor characteristics. Full-bodied, powerful, rich.

Hmm, maybe I wasn’t as stupid as I thought…into the Pool Room they go ‘til next year.

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