What’s in the glass tonight Oct 23rd

Wooing Tree Beetle Juice PN 2008

From the cellar: Wooing Tree Beetle Juice Central Otago Pinot Noir 2008

This bottle was a gift from an old mate at my housewarming a few years ago. We never got around to drinking it at the time, and I put it away for later.

It is the second label of Wooing Tree Vineyard, found in a beautiful part of the world near Cromwell in Central Otago. The vineyard is named for a magnificent tree at its centre that was known as the ‘wooing tree’ long before vines were planted, and a few locals have surely been conceived under its wide canopy.

BeetleJuice is named for the endangered Cromwell Chafer Beetle Prodontria lewisii, and is not a homage to Michael Keaton.

This pinot noir is a bright plum colour, 14.5%, with a lovely aged savoury nose that opens out in the glass as it sits. Even after five years of just sitting around quietly the wine is still very fruity in the mouth, with the taste of ripe red cherries. Good intensity and depth. Fine tannins, and balanced.

It won gold back in the day. Really delicious. Tastier than the Saddleback from earlier in the week, and it makes me happy again. My mate’s not here to drink it, but as I’m having lunch with him Friday I’d better shout him a good glass of something. 4.

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