What’s in the glass tonight Sept 9th

Sebastiani Zinfandel 2009

Leaving the Reservation: Sebastiani Sonoma County Zinfandel 2009 – $$

I have never tried a Zinfandel. I’ve never bought a wine from the United States of  America, either. Here I hit two Goliath’s with one rock.

USA wines we get ‘round here are somewhat rare, and expensive with it. We are part of the New World, so I am not in a big hurry to get acquainted with other new world suppliers unless they happen to be close, like Aussie. I save my overseas dollars for Bordeaux…

But I do have a desire to try an Oregon Pinot Noir, a good Californian Chardonnay, and a Zinfandel, just to see what the fuss is about…

Why is this particular wine so affordable? Caros Wine Merchants offers a clue: The weakness in the USD and with Bill Foley being the owner ( he owns Vavasour, Clifford Bay, Te Kairanga etc ) these wines are now being imported into NZ. Ahhh…

This wine is 79% Zinfandel, 17% Petite Syrah, 2% Syrah, 2% Barbera. From three areas Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Russian River.

The wine looks scarlet black in the glass. 14.5% and very leggy. Lovely rich nose of blackcurrants/black plums and black tea, like nothing I have ever smelled in a NZ wine. The syrah component really lifts the bouquet here.

In the mouth there is dense packed ripe black fruit. I taste liquorice, vanilla, cedar, and dark chocolate. It’s a straightforward wine given weight of 4 years in bottle. Long and very moreish.

Sensational. I am buying more. 4.5

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