What’s in the glass tonight Aug 31st

Pencarrow PN 2008

From the Cellar: Palliser Estate Pencarrow Pinot Noir 2008 – $$

I raided my cellar and opened this bottle up at the ski club during our pre-dinner wine and nibbles. But first I had to build the lodge fire.

That done I could then sit back and muddy the wine flavours with the Doritos and sour cream and chives dip snack I was eating. Not the kind of wine/food pairing the producers had in mind!

This is Palliser Estate’s second label, offering more affordable wines. The Pencarrow version of their pinot noir has been pretty successful for them over recent years. I think it’s a great drop, and I prefer it to their local competitors Te Tera and Crimson pinots.

The colour is pinot ruby. It didn’t have a big nose, but ticked the PN aromas box, and was a little dusty. In the mouth the wine was big and balanced with ripe fruit flavours softened by time; raspberry, cherries. There were good drying tannins to provide some structure. Quite yummy.

It got better as the night wore on, and not just because the level in the bottle got lower. I was drinking at a slow pace, and didn’t finish it. The altitude and dry air up at Ruapehu can give me a ripper of a headache in the mornings if I don’t watch it.

It made up for the disappointing Julicher. There is hope for my cellar still.

This wine is proof that you don’t have to pay the top dollar to get a rewarding  and satisfying NZ Pinot. Thank heavens.  4

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