What’s in the glass tonight – No. 100


This is my hundredth WITGT blog post since I wrote the first one on Jan 2nd this year.

Cue the confetti. I was going write a big thing about it, etc etc. But I called bullshit on that.

This wine writing game is a funny thing. It’s like navel gazing with a buzz on. It’s thinking of different ways to describe the same red or white colour of a wine, or deciding what matching-coloured fruit it reminds me of. It’s trying to pin down that elusive scent. It’s remembering not to use the phrases ‘on the nose’, or ‘in the mouth’ too often. Sigh.

It’s also about enjoying life in the company of friends and family, visiting beautiful parts of the country, and meeting people who love what they do – making and marketing wine. It shouldn’t be about pretention, or ‘collecting’, or spending the grocery money on that tempting must-have expensive bottle…

It’s fun. I never spit it out, and every now and then I think I write a good review.

Drink New Zealand wine! Kia ora, and thanks for reading.

d d b


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