What’s in the glass tonight July 5th

Trinity Hill The Gimblett 2010

Trinity Hill The Gimblett Hawkes Bay Merlot/Cabernets 2010 – $$$

My GF is away for the weekend, and in her absence I want a winter warmer to accompany watching the TdF.

Geoff Kelly, a Wellington wine writer I really rate, and meet regularly at tastings, says good things about this Bordeaux-style red wine – Cabernet Sauvignon 33%, Merlot 27% Cabernet Franc 25%, Malbec 9%, Petit Verdot 6%.

I have a couple of bottles under the house for later, but thought I really had better try an example now…

The wine is deep, dense carmine. It’s concentrated and intense and much beyond a novice like me to properly describe. Save to say it is really good. The smell is all over the place with spicy blackcurrants and warm vanilla, and the swallow shows complexity and good tannic structure, strong character and balance. Oh, and black plums.

Geoff is right to say it is still two years too young to drink, but hell, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow. Cin cin. 5 !

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