What’s in the glass tonight July 2nd

Vidal Dry Riesling 2011

Vidal White Series Marlborough Dry Riesling 2011 – $$

This is a lovely easy-drinking wine, better than the enjoyable 2010 vintage I tasted back in March. It smells like the first wine you try at a vineyard when it is all early morning summer sunshine outside: lots of promise.

Very pale and greenish-tinted; fresh light aromas of limes. Dry, with fresh citrus flavours and green apple again; acidic and delicious, a med finish this time.

A bargain. I could drink a lot of this. It handled the spicy laksa I served up for dinner quite well too – the sweetness came forward in the wine, oddly.

My message to you all – put away the pretender pinot gris, and embrace riesling as your white wine of choice, whenever you can’t get Chardonnay! 3.5

NB: Regular readers might wonder what happened to that magnum of Spanish Sangiovese I was gonna sup. Well, I did, over four nights. Not much to write about there. And the caravan travelled on, and the dogs kept barking…

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