What’s in the glass tonight May 28th

Sherwood Stoney Range Chardonnay 2011

L and I went to a great birthday party Saturday night. I wildly overindulged in a Spanish red, so it’s been a few days before I could even face looking at a glass of wine, let alone taste one for fun.

On the day of the fateful night, I tried this little number at a supermarket tasting. The very helpful staffer was just setting up her stand as I wondered past with my trolley, so I hung around scanning the shelves, filling in time, much like a 16yr old boy in a DVD store hangs around the manga’s while he waits for the R18 section to empty of customers.

I remembered tasting tried their Stratum Chardonnay earlier this year (WITGT March 8th). I liked this one standing up, so I brought a bottle back home.

Sherwood Estate Stoney Range Waipara Chardonnay 2011 – $$

Hmm, the website sez this is their new UK export/domestic std label, but I wonder if this is the Stratum ’11 re-labeled.

It’s bright straw in the glass. I like the refreshing fruit acidity in the mouth. There is the typical pears and light citrus notes you get in approachable kiwi chards, but only a hint of oak. Biscuit too. Nothing heavy; very appealing, and the age is about right. This wine deserves to be appreciated sitting in a sunlit summer courtyard rather than sheltering indoors while Wellington’s first winter storm roars in the darkness outside.

3.5. Bottom’s up.

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