What the hell do I know?

I think I’ve blogged on about 60-odd New Zealand wines since I started in January, not including tastings. I’ve enjoyed some real cracker wines, and suffered some disappointments. I am getting a good idea about how this whole wine-tasting bizzo should work for me, and just have fun with it.

Thusly, I’ve decided to take it up a level, and start awarding some unscientific ratings to the wines I blog about. I have to warn you that I’m going to be making it up as I go along:

Rating scale out of 5:

5 – Outstanding – I’m thinking about you, that Clos Ste Anne Chardonnay from last summer, and the Wild Earth Pinot Noir a month back.

4 – Very Good

3 – Good

2 – Okay I guess

1 – Cooking Wine – I’m thinking of that horrible Corbans White Label thing. Yeah, I see you hiding at the back.

Expect margins of error in these ratings, a lot of it will do with the mood I’m in, and the company I’m keeping.

It’s still about the buzz: he konei ra.


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