What’s in the glass tonight May 18th

CJ Pask Cab Mer Mal 2006

From the cellar – CJ Pask Gimblett Road Hawkes Bay Cabernet Merlot Malbec 2006 – $$

Super yay. This is another great bottle from one of my favourite producers. I should really just shut up shop and only buy from winemaker Kate Radburnd and co.: job done.

The wine is dark dark dark dark purple red in the glass. On the nose: lifted savoury vanilla and baking spice. In the mouth: fruity and firm and silky, with doris plums, licorice and dark choc. It’s a ripe and ready red, with strength and depth and bottle age. Very moorish. The wait was worth it.

I could have opened one of their ’06 Syrahs, but I thought this would go better with Jamie Oliver’s 15min Sausage and Rosemary Fusilli I made for LG and I tonight. It may be an imported recipe, but I am feeling good about using the rosemary I grew in my garden and the tinned Hawkes Bay tomatoes I chose over the cheap Italian toms that the supermarket crowd on their eye-level shelves.

Rather than decant the wine, I used a cool toy that L gave me for Christmas. It’s a moulded clear plastic tube thing with a wide funnel mouth and narrow spout, with several small air tubes moulded into the side of it that connect to the central funnel. You hold it over your wine glass, and pour wine into the top.  When the wine is poured in and it flows down the tube, the liquid draws in fine air bubbles from each side as it passes, and is aerated before it falls into the glass below. There is a rushed gurgling noise as the thing works. Quite odd.

But I think it airs the wine well, and mimics decanting without me acting like a poseur. The one I use is designed for red wine, and there is a white wine version. It’s NZ-designed and made, but I threw away the box and can’t recall what it is called, alas. ‘ Wine-something’, I expect.

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