What’s in the glass tonight May 10th

I was really lucky to be invited by lovely L to accompany her on a weekend’s stay at the luxury Peppers Parehua cottages in Martinborough, Wellington region’s capital of wine.

It promised to be an amazing weekend, with wonderful food and wine to enjoy, with sleep, relaxation, loving company and a bit of bike riding. Additionally, some of New Zealand’s classic examples of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and of course Pinot Noir are produced in Martinborough, and I was hoping to taste a few current vintages if we got the chance…

A glass of fragrant and savoury TGIF Murdock James Martinborough Pinot Noir at Bar D4 with a few mates set the scene nicely while I waited for my lift over the Rimutakas.

That night in the room L provided a delicious antipasto platter with crispy bread, sharp cheddar, hummus, spicy meats, Lebanese olives, avocado, toms and fruit mince. Om nom nom. Lovely to eat with this:


From the cellar: Palliser Estate Martinborough Pinot Noir 2005 – $$$

This was one of my older pinots. They are meant to only keep 5-7 years as a general rule, but I do think they can last longer and better than expected.

The wine was glossy deep carmine in the glass. Expressive and savoury on the nose; tasting of rich red cherries and plums and yummy age characters. Supple tannins. An unctuous silky delight. It held up in the bottle so well. Alan Johnson the winemaker strives for a “ripe full and rich” style, and this bottle delivered.

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