What’s in the glass tonight April 23rd

TruBome Pinot Noir 2011

[Tru]Bome Wairarapa Pinot Noir 2011 – $

This wine is so low-priced it is almost embarrassing. Normally I wouldn’t look at a pinot this value-plus-ultra, but because the fruit came from the Wairarapa it gave me reason to think; this might be palatable.

Looks ok in the glass too – deep pinot ruby. It smelt a bit funky when I first opened it, but that blew off quite quickly. Not a lot of fragrance, perhaps a little unripe? Medium weight, lean,  stalky, with some red cherries in the mouth and a strong hint of vanilla. Getting more vegetal the longer it sits.

The winemaker is Michael Mebus, who is also involved with Winesale.co.nz. The actual vineyard is a mystery. The wine label looks like a ‘flag of convenience’, a step-up from a cleanskin. But who cares really? It filled a gap, and was worth a crack. But next time I’m broke, I’ll go for a paint-stripper red with tannins drier and rougher than a Coober Pedy opal miner in February.

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