What’s in the glass tonight April 3rd

Ngawaka 3Paddles Sauvignon Blanc 2009

From the cellar: Ngawaka Three Paddles Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2009 – $$

A big Graperide cycling weekend coming up with friends. Got a rich pasta bake meat sauce cooking on the stovetop for the Friday potluck dinner. Yum. Not the best aromas to have wafting around when tasting a wine like this, but here goes…

A Pool Room wine: Light green-gold. Nectarines, touch of honey on nose. No grass or bright herbal characters which is common for Martinborough savs. Bright varietal crispness has softened with age with reduced fruit forwardness; there are still passionfruit hints and appealing bitter chalk/herb/home-made hokey pokey to finish; dry, long.

Left alone a bit too long. Very interesting wine to unwind nonetheless.

Back to the cycling: what better race starts and finishes at a vineyard? Ha! John Forrest at Forrest Estate is very generous to allow the race to operate out of his property.

What wines will I come away with from the weekend in Marlborough? Last year it was Framingham rieslings and the Graperide’s own 100 Virgins Pinot Noir. Perhaps a Fromm chardonnay or pinot?

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