It is all very well to lie in the gutter, but must you always see stars?

Vidal Dry Riesling 2010

What’s in the glass tonight March 10th

Vidal White Series Marlborough Dry Riesling 2010 – $

The great NZ Summer of Riesling continues: Pale and greenish-tinted; light weight, with some beading on the glass. This wine has lovely ‘twangy’ aromas of limes, and fresh citrus-y flavours and green apple skin in the mouth; balanced and delicious, a short finish. It’s dry, and does what it sez on the tin.

I see by the stickers it has been lauded by the Speiglau Competition and Cuisine Magazine, but I wonder if Vidals had to pay for their lauds. Almost the equal of the Villa Maria Dry Riesling I had earlier, and great value. You can pick up a bottle for as little as $12.

I drink wines that sit mostly at this end of the price scale. I seek out specials, and that is part of the fun. I will spend more on the stuff I stash under the house, so that when I get to open one of those bottles, I am rewarded with a richer taste, bouquet and complexity than I get from my usual. And then it becomes a bit of a special occasion.

But cheaper wines are not built like that. That’s ok: I think it is often nicer to quaff something easy and approachable, and not be always faced with a pedigreed wine that deserves attention and thought (like perhaps the Black Barn syrah of a few nights back), and gets in the way of an evening. Lance Armstrong said once that it wasn’t about the wine, or something like that…

So, I am usually operating from a low base. The wines I open up will often turn out to be quite appealing for many reasons, but I worry that I talk them up a bit too much.

It is all very well, hat tip Oscar Wilde, to lie in the gutter, but must you always see stars?

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