What’s in the glass tonight March 3rd

TerraVin 2008 Sav Blanc

From the cellar: TerraVin Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2008 – ($$)

This is gooood…

Pale pale yellow with hint of green.  From the label I read 7% was matured in seasoned French oak barrels for four months, which has added complexity and bready lees characters. It is a rich and concentrated sauvignon blanc, and has improved with aging. Creamy ripe pears and tropical fruit aromas, and vanilla from the oak; mouthcoating, soft, sweet and intense fruit in the mouth, and a hint of capsicum at the back. A lovely long finish. Some yummy secondary flavours are starting to appear, so this was a good time to open. It shows the value of aging savs that have oak treatment. And my cellaring gave it a manky label, nice one..

..and it was free from Rumbles when I bought a 2004 Terravin pinot noir. I hope the pinot is as good as this!

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