What’s in the glass tonight Feb 28th

Nikau Pt Chardonnay 2012

Nikau Point Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 2012 – $

Nikau Point hails from Epsom in Auckland, an inner-city suburb not known for it’s viticulture.

The label states “The Nikau Point range was inspired by the unique influences of Pacific culture on New Zealand”. Eh? The Pacific has no indigenous culture of winemaking that I know of.  I didn’t see any coconut (if it had been matured in American oak, maybe), so it will take more than a flax-weave pattern on the label to pull that claim off.

The wine is pale yellow. A young, light and fruity chardonnay, I taste a hint of nuttiness and kids cordial; with peppery acidity to finish. Not much to the nose. After the Dashwood chardonnay I enjoyed earlier in the week, this does not appeal as much, but it offers value. I’ll should chill what’s left way down and find a pacifica-themed BBQ to knock it back at. While playing a ukelele.

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