What’s in the glass tonight Jan 31st

Esk Valley Syrah 2011

It’s been a hard couple of days (and nights) at work. Time for a glass of Attitude Adjuster…

Esk Valley Hawkes Bay Syrah 2011 – $/$$

Syrah should be served at between 10-18deg for best results. But it has been so hot in my house these past few days (24deg), my bottle’s too warm, so I couldn’t see the florals I would expect to see in this syrah. Best put the bottle by an open window for a cooling breeze…

…worth the wait, much better: I can smell a hint of violets, blackcurrant fruit and spice now, and the 13.2% alcohol is not so dominant.

The wine is medium bodied, and a deep garnet colour. It is dry, with balanced tannins and red plums and some pepper as expected. There is some oak there too, and full MLF treatment. Varietal and delicious.

The 2010 got some plaudits; I would interested to read if this wine makes the recommended lists when wine pundits write their columns come the winter.

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