What’s in the glass tonight Jan 16th

Longridge HB Chard 2012

Longridge Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 2012 – $

This wine hails from the bottom shelf in the supermarket chiller where the ‘value’ wines are dominant. I haven’t tried it before, and was on bit of a budget, so put my $9 down.

The wine is pale clear yellow. Faintly metallic on the nose, and not much else, it tastes  a little thin and lacks fruit character. Perhaps heavily cropped vines, for volume over intensity, to meet a price point?

Longridge is a Pernod Ricard brand. The tasting notes on the back label seem at odds with what was in the bottle. I see from the website that those notes seem to match word-for-word what was written for the 2007 vintage. Wet and white would be only how I would rate it. I won’t be back for more.

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