What’s in the glass tonight Jan 9th

Dashwood SB 2012

Finished off the last of the Tohu pinot. Leaving the half bottle to sit two days has soured the florals a little, and brought the tannins further forward. Still moreish tho.

Generally a bottle lasts me two days, unless I get a taste for it. Which is always a risk. So went for a palate cleanser…

Dashwood Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012 – $

I think it was either Belinda Jackson or Yvonne Lorkin talking to Jim Mora on RNZ National one Friday in late 2011 who turned me on to this Awatere Valley product. It was suggested that it was a fresh and citrusy savvy, and great value. I tried it and agreed – the 2011s were not so grassy like other Marlborough SB’s can be (to my taste anyway, even if this is the style that garnered all the acclaim from the UK wine press). So I liked, and came back to the style.

Here I try the 2012 vintage with a flash new label on the bottle. The website gives no clues as to how this vintage stacked up against the previous. It’s green and grassy on the nose (reverting to type?), almost ‘squeaky’ like the sound grass makes when you pull it. Very crisp, with lingering grapefruit citrus flavours, and brighter than the 2011. I’d prefer hot days to drink this one, but instead chose a cold night with gales outside…If I cellared this to 2015 it would quiet down and behave.

Cuisine gives it 5 stars/best buy accolade BTW.

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