What’s in the glass tonight Jan 7th

Tohu SV Pinot Noir Marl 2011

This is a treat: Tohu Pinot Noir Marlborough Single Vineyard 2011. $$

I attended a pinot noir tasting at Regional Wines late last year, hosted by Geoff Kelly, where this wine showed very well, in the top half at least, and was arguably the surprise of the flight.

Pinot noir ruby, garnet in colour. I love the florality of this wine; it smells like how I want pinot noir to smell – lifted, floral. GK sez boronia/buddleia, so I’d better get to a garden centre to compare. I taste red cherries and plums in the mouth, but the fruit sweetness is not too forward, like cheaper PN’s, and is nicely balanced with tannins and oak. Good value. It compares well against another good performer from the previous tasting, Peregrine 2010, the latter showing a deeper fragrance, spice and dark cherries, but at a price nearer $40…

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