What was in the glass Jan 3rd

Saints Chardonnay 2011

One of my favourite go-to chards:

Saints Gisborne Chardonnay, in this case 2011,- $

$10 on special, but then, it is often offered at this ‘special’ price. My bottle has a munted label. The winemaker sez, “rich, full-bodied chardonnay…lifted stonefruit and citrus flavours…elegantly styled…creamy texture…spicy oak…complexity…”. I don’t know what batch they were referring to when he/her wrote this (this wine is probably made by the cubic metre), but my bottle tells me something different…

But I quibble…I like the crisp acidity, and light fruit aroma. Buy 2011 if you can choose from 2012 bottles…There seems no MLF to scare the easily-scared horses, and ALSO it is from Gizzy, a GREAT chardonnay producing region – think Millton, Thornbury, Kirkpatrick et al. An easy drinking style, for sitting in the sun drinking a budget wine when you have to be on a budget; NONE BEATS IT (unless Church Rd or Mission is running their own special). Fill your boots at $10-12 each.

Notes from the cellar: I had some Saints 2007s in storage; I knocked the top off them all over the past few months; sad to say – drink 3-4 years max after bottling. Pleasant, rewarding, but drink young(er)…

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